Brinks story Edit

Brinks story is about an island called the ark it was made as an experiment to just to see if we could make a complete self sustaning environment. but in the year 2045 supposedly the entir earth has flooded and thousands of refuges went to the ark to live. The ark was ment to house 5,000 but now theres 500,000 and there running out of food water and energy and each faction beleives they are the good guys.

The resistanceEdit

The resistance are the refugess that came to the ark after the great flood. They beleive that the weathier citizans of the ark are hording resources for themself. It is their goal to take the resources and fairly distribute them. All of there equipment are Begged Borrowed or stolen using makeshift armor and restiched clothes.

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The securityEdit

The security is the thin line keeping the resistance from completly taking over the ark. There job is to protect the people of the ark and supress the resistince using force if necissary. Most of there armor looks nice and clean they are givin the best wepons they can use in order to stop the resistance.

500x brink


SMART stands for Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain. Basicly its parkour in the game like mirrors edge but simpler. you hold down one button ( may be LB on xbox) to vault, wall hop, slide, and climb. if you hold down the button while running at anything waist high you will vault it. look a little downword and push the button to slide look upword to climb up something and push it when a walls next to you to wall hop. Many people beleive this will add a great amount of

Body typesEdit

There are three main body types

  1. Light weight has the lowest health but is quiet when moving can jump up to thing above eye level and can only use smg's and hanguns
  2. Medium weights has medium health can jump up to things eye height and below can use medium sided guns and smg's
  3. Heavy weights have highest health but can only jump things at waist height can use heavy guns mini guns renad launchers and medium sized guns and handgun.

Character sustomizationEdit

in brink you can customize literaly everything about your character their hair, eye color, skin color, clothes, clothes color, you can give them hockey maskes to wear or gase masks, you can also change face paint and tatoos. you cannot however change bod types once you pick one you stay with that one but your allowed to make up to 16 diffrent characters and you can have one with a diffrent body type you want and switch between matches. y
Standard nothing to declare
ou can also customize your guns adding red dot extrended magazines etc.

Resistance ArchetypesEdit

The Anger

The Boiler suit

The Dude

The firestarter

The Fortress

The G

The Lost

The Sweat

The Wasted

The Voice

The Warrior