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BAWN clan siteEdit

Our purpose[1]EditEdit

To Play video games and just have fun competing agains other clans we play.

  • Brink (when it comes out)
  • Call of Duty Black ops
  • Halo Reach
  • we will be on Crysis 2
  • and Some members are on Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Values of the clan[2]EditEdit

we are a respectable clan we do not start drama and we work as a team and just wana have a good time playing videogames. so if you join do not start drama and just over all dont do stupid stuff.

Hi! this is Blimpy303 here i just wanted to add that we are also proud to state that we are a clan that stretches between games we aren't fanboys of a certain company or game developer we are all open to all sorts of games (even though i do get pissed at Assassins Creed Brotherhood every now and then thats to you Kimbo haha). So we are open to new games and if you join and you want to throw out a few Titles to see if we want to give them a shot then go ahead.

This is Blimpy signing out

Be a Pwnator

What we're looking for in members[3]EditEdit

  1. They just like to have fun dont get to serious about games there not ment to be there just for fun
  2. I don't care if you cuss but dont get to offensive no N word or C word.
  3. You need to be good at gaming the higher you score in matches the better.
  4. We will generally accept anyone so long as there decent at video games.

Active members [4]EditEdit

Founder: Ricky226 Head of Brink Division (xbox live gt) aka Kimbo (on the internet) (as of right now i dont have xbox live gold but will when brink comes out)

Co founder: Blimpy303 Head of crysis 2 division (xbox live gt)


  • rustydog34 head of ps3 division
  • Mustangjoe101 head of halo reach division
  • Jonald505 head of black ops division

game specific pages are under community tabe at the top.

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